Fire Rated Plasterboard

Fire Rated Plasterboard New Castle

Plasterboard is a term that refers to the final layer of plaster in construction. Made from cement or gypsum, these boards provide an optimal surface for painting and are important when building houses as standard boards may catch on fire under extreme conditions- not so with Fire Rated Plasterboards! These have been developed specifically to ensure they don’t combust ever again!

Fire rated plasterboard is a common material in construction and it can be either solid or perforated. There are different types of fire resistant boards that have various benefits but you should choose one with CE approval to ensure the best quality product for your needs. Especially, if they don’t contain any chemical retardants which could cause fumes and other toxic substances when burned from below-grade spaces such as garages, attics etcetera due to their gypsum content instead of cement like regular building materials do – these products also feature an inner barrier made from mineral fibers so they’re strong yet flexible enough to meet necessary strength requirements.


Building consents often require fire-rated plasterboard to comply with council regulations for safety. Fire rated, dense and high thermal resistant plaster board is a must in buildings where compliance matters.

Plasterboards that are fire-resistant and best for areas where protection from a potential, or existing, fire is of utmost importance. They’re also excellent if you have an existing building made out of materials such as combustible wood because these plaster boards do not contain any cellulose based products which can cause the entire house to burn down in case there’s a small spark.

The safety of your home or office is also a key consideration, which is why we can install fire rated plasterboard to ensure that you are as safe and secure as possible. PLASTERER NEWCASTLE PROS is your go-to company for plasterboard installation and repair. We offer services to ensure that you have the perfect wall surface, be it new or old!


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