Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboard New Castle

A ceiling tiled with acoustic panels is a great way to reduce noise inside of an office, classroom, or retail space. Acoustic tiles come in many modern designs and integrate seamlessly with grid systems for aesthetic appeal as well as ease-of-use when covering up unsightly plumbing work, wires or ducting within suspended ceilings!

Some acoustic grid ceiling tiles are made with bonded insulation to help provide a varying level of thermal efficiency depending on your specific application. Talk to the Plastering Guys today for more information about this and explore all options available for your project’s needs!


Acoustic plasterboard is a type of interior wall cladding or ceiling panels that are designed to reduce unwanted noise. Unlike other sound insulation solutions, such as Acoustical Clad Panels and Wall Wool, acoustic plasterboards can be used in high-quality applications where the surface noise level must be kept at low levels. This material has been shown to have an excellent potential for reducing loud noises from indoor environments like classrooms and offices among others.

Acoustic plasterboard is important in high-quality applications because it can be used to keep surface noise levels low. Acoustic plasterboards are designed to reduce unwanted sound, such as echoes and reverberation. Single sheets or a series of connected panels absorb the waves before they cause problems.


A grid ceiling system can be installed at an appropriate height to allow for lighting panels, eliminate any obstruction like wires or plumbing and control space better with things that could interfere such as air conditioning.

Once you install the suspended ceiling system, it can be a breeze to fit pre-cut acoustic tiles inside of its channels. Soundproofing materials are a great way to ensure that your home can remain insulated from unwanted sounds and heat. They also provide you with the opportunity to access wires, plumbing, or other resources for maintenance on ceilings without disturbing those who reside below.

Sound-absorbing material such as soundproof insulation is one of the best ways to protect yourself against unwelcome noise and maintain an optimal living environment in any room throughout your house. You’ll find out more about suspended ceiling systems here if interested!

About Acoustics and Sound

Acoustic plasterboard is the perfect way to ensure you have a good time in your home. Acoustics are important because they affect how we hear noises around us and it can also be said that hearing well is an essential component of enjoying homes, work and leisure times. These boards were created from paper clay, water and cement giving people better sound quality at home as one example of their usefulness.

Acoustic Plasterboard New Castle


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