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Acoustic Plasterboard New Castle

Acoustic Plasterboard Port Stephens, NSW

Acoustic plasterboards are designed for use as interior wall cladding and ceiling panels, with the same characteristics of normal plaster but also reducing unwanted noise. Acoustical Clad Panels can be used as a high-quality alternative to other sound insulation solutions like Wall Wool or traditional acoustic tiles. We’re specialists in installation at Plasterer Newcastle NSW, ensuring that you’ll always get the highest quality product possible!

Commercial Plastering New Castle

Ceiling Roses Port Stephens, NSW

Ceiling Roses are a unique type of plastering that you might see in older houses. They look like little flower petals with holes on them, and they can be found inside the house usually. With our expertise in Plasterer Newcastle NSW jobs, we’re happy to provide these services for any needs!

Commercial Plastering New Castle

Commercial Plastering Port Stephens, NSW

Plastering is a process of applying plaster to the surface of walls or ceilings. This can be in preparation for painting, as an alternative to drywall installation, or both. We offer commercial plasterers who are experienced with all types and sizes of projects including small repairs such as patchwork and skim coating up to complete new construction buildings with decorative finishes on all surfaces!

Feature Walls New Castle

Feature Walls Port Stephens, NSW

Feature walls have been a trend in interior home decoration that you might not have noticed until now. Feature Walls come with many benefits for both homeowners and renters, so if this sounds like something to consider then it’s worth checking out some examples of how they can be implemented on your own property or rental unit.

Fire Rated Plasterboard New Castle

Fire Rated Plasterboard Port Stephens, NSW

The fire-resistant plasterboard is a specially designed board that can be used in the event of fires. It provides protection to occupants and their possessions by increasing the time it takes for heat or flames from an external fire to pass through. The plasterboards also absorb impact should there ever be another case of exterior fires, so buildings will stay safe during emergencies.

Insulated Ceiling New Castle

Insulated Ceiling Port Stephens, NSW

Insulated ceilings are a vital part of any building design and can be used year round to regulate the temperature inside your home or workplace. This provides long-term comfort, prevents cold air from seeping through windows or doors when it’s winter outside, as well as reduces summer temperatures since hot air cannot escape into the cooler atmosphere above. If you’re looking for insulated ceiling solutions in Newcastle NSW then Plastering Newcastle is exactly what you need!

Insurance Work New Castle

Insurance Work Port Stephens, NSW

Protect your property and belongings from disaster with our comprehensive Insurance Work Services. Whether you’re the owner of a commercial or residential building, we have plans that will suit any need!

We provide insurance coverage for both Commercial & Residential Property Owners to ensure their properties are protected in case an incident such as fire, storm damage or burglary occurs.

Metal and Stud Framing New Castle

Metal and Stud Framing Port Stephens, NSW

Metal framing is a great building material that can be used as an exterior cladding or interior partition. It’s versatile and strong, which means it has many uses in construction projects across Newcastle NSW. Plastering Newcastle ACT are experts at metal framed buildings.

New Homes New Castle

New Homes Port Stephens, NSW

Plastering is an important and necessary process in new construction. It ensures that the walls are smooth, free from cracks or other imperfections, which would devalue a home’s worth tremendously.

Your needs are our priority. Whether you need interior or exterior plastering, ceilings and skim coating done, we can handle your project from start to finish with ease. With a qualified team on hand managing every aspect of the job is simple for us – just tell us what you want!

Ornate Cornices New Castle

Ornate Cornice Port Stephens, NSW

The ornate cornice is an ancient decorative element of architecture that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Ornate cornices were traditionally used to cover the topmost part of a wall, and they are typically made from plaster. Ornate corniches can be quite expensive; which is why so few people have them installed today. However, there are some 

Plasterer Newcastle Pros who specialize in this type of installation work and offer several advantages over other types for home improvement professionals!

Plaster Repair New Castle

Plaster Repairs Port Stephens, NSW

Plasters or renderings are a type of finishing applied to walls, ceilings and soffits in order to cover up all the rough edges. There is another form of plaster that goes onto flat surfaces such as the ceiling and it’s called “stucco”. A plasterer will come out to your home, assess the work that needs to be done and give you a quote. Plastering can also be used for decorative purposes or as an acoustic dampener on ceilings in rooms such as music studios and cinemas.

Ceiling Repairs New Castle

Ceiling Repairs Port Stephens, NSW

Water damage has been a major problem in the last few years, as we’ve seen more and more leaks from burst pipes. The Ceiling Repair Newcastle is here to make your ceiling look like new again! With our qualified experts experienced in all aspects of repair for leaky ceilings or damaged plaster, you’ll be able to once again enjoy open-plan living without worrying about water dripping down onto furniture below.

Pressed Metal Ceiling New Castle

Pressed Metal Ceiling Port Stephens, NSW

Pressed Metal Ceilings are a wonderful way to add industrial chic to your home. They can be found in many different styles and designs, but they’re most popular with mid-century modern homes. This is an option that not too many people know about!

There are many industrial buildings with pressed metal ceilings, which have been used for years because of the affordable price and durability. Pressed Metal Ceilings can be found in factories from over 100 years ago that still look as good today as they did when first installed!

Suspended Ceiling New Castle

Suspended Ceiling Port Stephens, NSW

The Suspended Ceilings are quite an interesting installation. They’re made up of two layers, one to act as a sound seal and the other for aesthetics. Plasterer Newcastle Pros has been perfecting this work over many years now with great success!

Venetian Plastering New Castle

Venetian Plastering Port Stephens, NSW

Venetian plastering has been a traditional building technique since the days of Ancient Rome. Construction workers would apply thin layers of plaster on top each other until it reached thickness, and then they’d smooth over the area with their trowel or brush before starting again. Today’s builders follow this same method to create an elegant, seamless finish that lasts for centuries without cracking!

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